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Mount Vernon: 5 Ways to Keep Bed Bugs Out

By dan,

Bed bugs pose a major threat to households throughout Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, most people do not care about bed bugs until they cause real havoc to the property and the people living there. They are hard to eradicate. Every time you return home, they are waiting for you and their next meal. Do not wait for bed bugs to become a trouble that you are unable to tackle. Take these 5 vital steps to keep bed bugs at bay.       

1. Cover All Entryways

Do not wait for bed bugs to infest your home and feast on you. Understand their nature of invasion and possible sources. Generally, bed bugs climb into the electrical outlet holes, and hide there until it is time to move elsewhere. In severe cases, they pass through the walls via power outlets, spreading the infestation to other areas.

To prevent this, cover all electrical outlets when not in use. One way to identify bed bug infestation is through their droppings, which appear like dark colored dots. Whether or not your property is pest infested, protect all entryways to prevent any sort of invasion.

2. Protect Yourself and Your Bed

To keep bed bugs at bay, adopt modern techniques and equipment to keep your property ad yourself safe. Since the bugs mostly invade the beds, you can encase the mattress with a zippered covered, which is impervious to bed bugs. Sleep in peace because no bug can breach this barrier. The covers are inexpensive, and do not change the look and feel of your mattress.

You can also invest in bed bug defender that lets you know when the pests try to crawl up the furniture. The interceptors work as traps when placed under upholstered furniture or the legs of your bed. These are free of pesticides and are very inexpensive. Regularly clean and heat-dry the bed sheets, bedspreads, blankets or any cloth that touches the floor. 

3. Travel Safely

Bed bugs do not just travel up the electrical outlets to invade your home. They also stick around when you visit a movie theater, dressing room of the department store, rental cars, hotel rooms or airplane cargo. Thus, traveling holds the biggest risk of bringing home a bed bug. Make sure you travel safely and wisely. Carry your clothes in pouched bags. In hotels, do not place your luggage on the floor ever. Check the curtains, draperies, seams and upholstered furniture carefully for pest infestation.     

When you come back, inspect all your belongings for signs of bugs. Look for rust-colored spots that are a sign of bed bugs.    

4. Clear the Clutter

A cluttered space is the ideal place for bed bugs to hide and reed. It also makes them difficult to locate and treat. Begin by eliminating clutters against the walls as these are good hiding spots for the pests. Properly store and organize your things so that they do not become a paradise for bed bugs.

5. Get Professional Bed bug Treatment

If you are already pest infested, do not handle the problem alone. Eradicating bed bugs can be a complex process, and need professional treatment. They have the knowledge and experience to exterminate bed bugs effectively, safely and permanently from your home or business.

Keep your property bed bug free by thinking like them, traveling safely and hiring an expert bed bug management company.    

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Facility Managers: Keep Your Building Pest Free With a Pro

By dan,

Pest infestation in a business environment may not only pose serious health issues, but can also affect employee morale – not to mention the damage it can cause to your valuable property and brand reputation. By the time you notice a cockroach, a rodent, or termites infesting your home, it may be too late. Even the sign of a single pest can indicate a much bigger problem than what you can imagine. Being a facility manager, it is your responsibility to ensure a pest-free facility that is safe and healthy.

If you manage a business, apartment complex, office building, or school, keeping it free from any kind of pest infestation can be challenging for you. Keep your building pest free with a certified professional who can suggest dedicated pest management and control plans that are created just for your needs. They have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest standards of professionalism and service that you can trust for effective pest removal and ensuring they do not come back again.

Why Hire a Pro for Commercial Pest Control?

Anyone who has ever seen cockroaches scurry across the office pantry or termites eating up the property know how it is to live with pests. If you ever encounter a pest problem or want to keep your building pest free, rather than trying to resolve the problem yourself, hire a professional pest control company and for good reasons.

  • A professional pest controller has vast knowledge of different kinds of pests, their inhabiting behavior, and mating habits. They are certified to perform thorough inspection of the building, looking through every creek, holes, and pipelines to identify any sort of pest infestation. They are capable of identifying the pest that has invaded the building, and likewise, offers a treatment plan that targets that exact pest. Qualified exterminators can find the source, cause of the problem, and eliminate the same to prevent future infestations.
  • When you try to control pests yourself, it can expose you and your family to various kinds of threats. Using hazardous chemicals that you are not aware of can be potentially harmful to your family, plants, and pets. When you hire a professional, he will use high-tech equipment and use the chemicals safely.
  • A do-it-yourself approach to pest control can be time consuming and overwhelming. Moreover, when it is about managing the entire building, it is impossible for the facility manager himself to ensure it is pest free. Leave the hard work to a pro because they have the experience to implement the extermination plan quickly and make the building pest free in a short amount of time.     
  • Qualified pest control companies provide a guarantee that their treatment plans will keep pests away from a predetermined set of time. If, during this time, the pests return, they will treat the building again at no cost. This is something no one can match. 

Right from inspection and monitoring to creating a tailored pest control plan, implementing control measures and ongoing evaluation, hiring a certified professional can go a long way in effective pest control. 

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New York City: Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

By dan,

Restaurant NYC

The dangers and damage that pests can bring to a restaurant can be overwhelming. Food business owners and restaurant managers know the implications of having a pest-infested establishment. Not only it impacts the reputation of the business, but can also bring several legal hassles on the way. Luckily, there are ways of keeping your restaurant pest free, ensuring safety and wellbeing of all, and maintaining quality business standards.

Discussed here are some important tips to ensure that your restaurant remains pest free and safe.

1. Inspection

Thorough inspection is one of the most vital steps to ensure effective pest control. You can seek help of a professional pest control company to make sure that your restaurant premises are inspected in a meticulous manner. Only a pest control expert knows well what and where to look for when conducting pest inspection. Look into every crack, corner, and crevices in your foundation, and check with all vents, pipes, and openings that can be a source of infestation.

A certified pest control technician will perform inspection and monitoring of both the interior and exterior of the premises including the kitchen, restaurant entrances, benches, trash cans, utility rooms, bar and patio, loading stocks, janitorial areas, landscaped areas, elevators and stairs, and eaves.

2. Stop Entryways

Post-inspection, make sure that the restaurant building does not have any gaps, holes, or cracks that may be the entryway for various kinds of pests such as rodents, cockroaches, etc. Caulk all small holes and cracks within the walls. Apply high-quality weather-stripping to doors and windows that do not fit properly into their frames. Add sealed fittings around the pipes and vents that enter the restaurant premises from the outside. This is an important step to prevent pest infestation in your restaurant.         

3. Ensure Excellent Storage System       

When you store ingredients and groceries improperly, it not only affects the quality of food but also attracts pests. Make sure that all foods are covered properly and neatly stored in the freezer or the refrigerator. Foods that can be kept at room temperature should be organized well and stored safely in bins or storage racks.

Do not place things anywhere and everywhere. Implement a well-organized storage system where foods with a closer expiry date are accessible first. Rotten, expired foods are the first to be infested by the pests.

4. Keep the Kitchen Dry and Clean

Restaurant kitchen is most prone to pest infestation. The kitchen experiences frequent spills, food leftovers, and a lot of humidity that may attract pest of all kinds to hydrate and mate. To prevent this, make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated. Clean all spills and leftovers as soon as possible. Fix pipeline or faucet leaks at the earliest. Clean the garbage bins daily. Keep the kitchen and storage area as dry as possible for effective pest control.

5. Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Whether or not your restaurant is pest infested, it is vital to seek expert guidance of a professional pest control company. They will inspect your commercial property thoroughly, and suggest or perform all necessary preventive measures. For a pest infested restaurant, they ensure effective pest control, management, and removal without hampering your business in any way. They also ensure that pests do not come back again.

When your restaurant needs green treatment for pest control, follow the above tips and remain pest-free. 

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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Pests This School Year

By dan,

School Bus

Dealing with pests can be a tricky problem in a place like Westchester. It has become very important to take necessary preventive measures in order to avoid any sort of harm that pests can inflict. Improperly managed pest problems and improper pesticide use can lead to health risks in school going children. Many schools have environmental conditions conducive to pest infestations which help in reducing unnecessary exposures to pests.

This results in improvement in health plus attendance, and leads to greater academic achievement for students. Any school with a healthier environment enables children to learn and participate more in the classroom. This would ultimately lead to a more productive and higher quality of life.

Children are more likely to experience adverse health effects than adults when exposed to pests or pesticides. They are more vulnerable to get in contact with pest, pathogens and pesticides. Here are the 5 effective ways in which Yonkers can prevent pests at school this year.

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Pests This School Year

1. Keep Students Well Informed

In the process of preventing pest infestations in your school, one old piece of wisdom remains as true as ever and that is- ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

One way in which Yonkers can stop pests is by keeping students well informed on how pests can make their way into living and learning areas. It is one of the key strategies for removing pest problems before arriving at school. Offering guided instruction on pest removal and about places where pests are most likely to be found can offer a major benefit to your pest prevention efforts in the long run.

2. Encourage Clean Student Habits

Clean living habits in dormitories and common areas can turn out to be a huge benefit to your pest control efforts. Most pests come looking for things such as food, water, and shelter. Encouraging students to keep spaces clean, free of food scraps, and organized can remove many of the temptations for pests looking to get comfortable.

3. Keep Buildings Clean and Well Maintained

Full trash receptacles can serve as a major temptation for mice, cockroaches, and other pests looking for a shelter in your campus. It is critical for school staff to keep these areas clean and clear. Keeping trash at a distance from the school building is likely to stop attracting pests. School staff and administrators should also keep the surroundings clean in order to stop pests from entering in school premises.

4. Respond Quickly to Pest Issues

While no school or educational institution wants to deal with the reputation damage caused by a pest infestation. The worst thing can be to ignore the problem, even after knowing about its consequences. Students, teachers, and other staff members should ensure that pests do not spread during any pest removal processes.

By responding quickly when students report any pest problem, one can significantly reduce the chances for such issue to grow even further. The more quickly and forcefully you respond at the start, the more swiftly the problem gets resolved in an effective and safe manner.

5. Implement Pest Prevention Strategies

Implementation of prevention strategies can also help the Yonkers in preventing pests. Some of the effective prevention strategies are:

  • Sanitation and clutter management
  • Redesigning and repairing structures
  • Establishing watering and mowing practices for lawns and sports fields

Pest prevention strategies can be incorporated into both preexisting structures and new construction designs. Using such preventive measures can reduce the need for routine pesticide applications.

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Protect Your Business This Fall from Pests

By dan,

Pest and flies are bad for business. They can cause great damage to your store, restaurant or any other business. They damage goods kept in a grocery store giving the customers an impression of filth and poor quality control. Anyone would get repulsed at the sight of rats in a restaurant and more likely would leave the place. Pest control should be done effectively to make sure that they do not tarnish your business reputation.

There are numerous companies that provide pest control service which will help you to get rid of these intruders who seek shelter in your property from the cold temperature. You can prepare yourself for the pests that might start looking for their wintering grounds in your business property. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps and keep pests away from your business.

Seal Your Home Against Insects

One of the first things business owners should consider doing is sealing all the exterior cracks in their building. Even the smallest crevices can provide an entry point for spiders, rats, and other insects into their establishment. A professional inspection is important to ensure that their premises are well sealed up. It is important to pay special attention to areas where piping or wiring enters your building.

Pay Attention to Your Refuse

Garbage attracts pest and is one of the main reason why many people  have to face pest issues. Businesses generate garbage but should avoid creating a refuse that would attract pests. Wastage of food is the primary concern here. Store all the trash in sealed receptacles in order to avoid attracting any pests. Moreover, keep the trash receptacles as far as possible from your building.

Garage and Bay Doors

Garage and bay doors are huge inviting portals to pests that are seeking shelter in the winters. Keep them closed as frequently as possible, and ensure that the joints where wall meets the door frames is properly sealed.

Natural Pest Repellants

Using a natural repellant is one of the most popular methods of pest control. The technique involves applying natural substances with repelling odor, which makes the insects and rodents run away from the treated areas. However, these repellents are not always effective for a longer period of time.  

Keep Old Sheets and Papers Away

Do you have piles of old paper, fabric, or sheets at your place? Keep them in a segregated area as these papers or sheets can provide shelter and food to a number of pests. Keep your workplace clean to avoid attracting pests.

Consult a Reputed Pest Control Company for Pest Control Service

The most important thing to keep your workplace pest free this fall is to hire a professional pest control company. They will help you by inspecting the building and nearby areas that serve as pest breeding grounds. The company will make sure that your walls, roof and interior are made pest-proof.  

Finally, remember that prevention is better than cure. So, once pests enter your workplace, it can be incredibly difficult to remove them. Follow the things mentioned above to start preparing for the fall invasion, but remember to turn to the professionals if you need help.

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Helping Yonkers to Weed Out Pests

By dan,

Pest control problems are common in Westchester. It becomes quite stressful since the bugs and other pests endanger the general health of the family. There is a dire need to eliminate pests and insect infestation and keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. The intrusion of pests can in fact, bring down all the efforts that you have put into creating a healthy environment. Pesky mosquitoes, colossal ants swarming bees and wasps, create havoc and are very disturbing.


A Few tips to help Yonkers weed out pests:

          Observe Sanitation

  • Maintain spotlessly clean surroundings, indoors and outdoors
  • It is important to eliminate potential areas where irritating pests can feed, breed or hide.
  • Do not leave out the trash  in the open
  • Do not place trash bags on the floor
  • Do not leave dirty or wet laundry on the floor for a very long period of time
  • Instantly Clean up any spills or messes on the floor or tabletops as soon as they occur
  • Maintain the hygiene of your pets and get them checked by vet regularly 

    Employ Exclusion Techniques

  • Screen openings to put off the entry of irritating flies or mosquitoes and beetles
  • Get cracks and crevices filled, in order to remove existing or potential invading of pantry pests, or cockroaches
  • Seal or get fast repairing done of exterior openings to prevent entry of bats or mice or bees and wasps. 

    Keep Temperature Under Control

  • Control the temperature of substrates as they are badly infested by pests
  • Clothes moths and carpet beetles can be removed by subjecting infested clothes and carpets to extremely hot or cold temperatures



Remove pests using pesticides

One of the major steps for removal of existing pests is by using powerful pesticides, whether chemical or herbal. A powerful pest repellant works as a barrier to keep creepy mice and other crawly insects from invading. The repellent is applied to the multiple keys points, at the entry of your home including foundation, perimeter strip around the home, trash areas, crawl space and vents, etc.



Consult the Services of a Reputed Pest Control Company

Ensure you hire a professional company that has the right skills and the correct equipment to solve your pest problem effectively. Many a times, homeowners do not notice the warning signs until they have really multiplied and it is too late. The experienced technicians can effectively monitor the insect activity in order to remove them completely out of the surroundings.

It is imperative to choose resourceful and licensed pest control professionals to efficiently and quickly get rid of bed bugs, rodents and other small insects. The qualified technicians working in a reputed pest control company have years of experience. They provide accurate and cost-effective solutions to your persistent and highly annoying pest problem.

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Choosing the Best Pest Control Service in the Bronx

By dan,

Are pests taking over your home, leaving you uncomfortable in your own space? Having a pest infestation problem can be really stressful. If left without being exterminated, these harmful creatures can cause major losses. They often make the residents uncomfortable, and some people even opt to vacate from their houses. However, that is not the best thing to do. You can hire the services of an experienced and professional pest control company in Bronx to make your home a safe haven again.

Here, we will talk about some of the most important tips to choose the right pest control service in Bronx.

  1. Experience: Experience plays a vital role. A company having substantial years of experience under their belt will know everything about pest control including the choice of pesticide, its application and tactics. They will possess the immense expertise to deal with troublesome situations. Therefore, your first parameter while choosing a reliable company should be experience. More the experience, the better it is!
  2. Sound Market Reputation: Market standing is crucial to the success of a company. So, choose a company that has a sound market reputation. You can read client testimonials from the previous customers and even ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  3. Licensed: A license and authenticated registration are important for all pest management companies. The company you choose should be registered with the Environment Protection Agency. It should possess the necessary certification for a pest control company. Any unlicensed company won’t be able to deliver pest control services as per international benchmarks.
  4. Latest Pest Management Tactics: Check out the pest management tactics used by the company. Any professional company in Bronx will use advanced pest infestation controlling techniques. They will have the needed proficiency to decide whether to use chemical or physical methods for extermination.
  5. Guaranteed Services: Ensure that your service provider offers a complete guarantee of services. For instance, after application of rat traps, the provider should regularly check its working. This helps in building a level of trust among the customers.
  6. Safety Standards and Future Support: Depending upon the treatment in question, there can be some risk associated with it, in case the products are not used properly. Therefore, ensure that the company adheres to all safety norms to eliminate pests. Additionally, select the company that offers complete future support.
  7. Cost Estimation: Be wary of companies that offer expensive services. It is best to compare the cost estimate given by different companies to know the fair price of the service.

Do not let spiders, ants, rodents or other pests plague your home or office. The market is flooded with a plethora of pest control companies. Your decision of selecting the right services is important as it can completely alleviate the issue of pests in your home. So, invest some time in researching different companies and analyze their parameters to find the best one. Keep the afore-mentioned tips in mind and make an informed decision.

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Keep Your Building Pest Free This Fall

By dan,

Pest Free This Fall

This fall, as the nature outside changes color and the temperature begins to dip, pests and rodents begin to look for shelter inside. Don’t let it be your office building! Many businesses rely on you to keep their work spaces sanitary and pest free. It’s especially important for businesses when clients are visiting. It’s hard to make a good impression when a mouse or a row of ants presents itself at a meeting. If you’re a landlord or management company looking to make and keep your building pest free, in the Westchester area, call or email the experts at Glen Environmental for a free estimate. For over ten years, we’ve been helping businesses, office buildings and homes remain pest free.

Building violations, Pests, Odors and Fire Hazards are issues that Property Owners and Managers deal with daily. Dirty un-maintained trash chutes and compactors can be a costly problem. These conditions are avoidable at an affordable cost. We provide a certified technician and equipment.

Our 210 degree power washer degreases, disinfect and deodorizes all chute walls and doors. Chute cleaning provides a safer environment by removing chemicals tenants may dispose that are flammable. Removes food, grease and organisms that are a perfect breeding ground for pests and disease and eliminates odors.

Call us at +1(914) 349-9400 or email us at

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5 Tips For Winterizing Your House For Pests

By dan,

Every year, along with snow and and sun falling at an earlier time, pests are looking for new shelter to keep warm and grab a bite to eat. We have some tips for winterizing your house to keep out unwanted roommates.

1. Proofing

2. Clearing Outdoor Clutter

3. Inside clutter

4. Sealants around garage and outside doors

5. Eliminate moisture and dampness


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