Mount Vernon: 5 Ways to Keep Bed Bugs Out

Bed bugs pose a major threat to households throughout Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, most people do not care about bed bugs until they cause real havoc to the property and the people living there. They are hard to eradicate. Every time you return home, they are waiting for you and their next meal. Do not wait  … Read more

Facility Managers: Keep Your Building Pest Free With a Pro

Pest infestation in a business environment may not only pose serious health issues, but can also affect employee morale – not to mention the damage it can cause to your valuable property and brand reputation. By the time you notice a cockroach, a rodent, or termites infesting your home, it may be too late. Even  … Read more

New York City: Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

Restaurant NYC

The dangers and damage that pests can bring to a restaurant can be overwhelming. Food business owners and restaurant managers know the implications of having a pest-infested establishment. Not only it impacts the reputation of the business, but can also bring several legal hassles on the way. Luckily, there are ways of keeping your restaurant  … Read more

Happy Halloween!


From the spider webbed lair of the Glen Environmental team, we’re wishing everyone a spooktacular evening hunting down goblins and treats.

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Pests This School Year

School Bus

Dealing with pests can be a tricky problem in a place like Westchester. It has become very important to take necessary preventive measures in order to avoid any sort of harm that pests can inflict. Improperly managed pest problems and improper pesticide use can lead to health risks in school going children. Many schools have  … Read more

Protect Your Business This Fall from Pests

Pest and flies are bad for business. They can cause great damage to your store, restaurant or any other business. They damage goods kept in a grocery store giving the customers an impression of filth and poor quality control. Anyone would get repulsed at the sight of rats in a restaurant and more likely would  … Read more

Helping Yonkers to Weed Out Pests

Pest control problems are common in Westchester. It becomes quite stressful since the bugs and other pests endanger the general health of the family. There is a dire need to eliminate pests and insect infestation and keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. The intrusion of pests can in fact, bring down all the efforts that  … Read more

Choosing the Best Pest Control Service in the Bronx

Are pests taking over your home, leaving you uncomfortable in your own space? Having a pest infestation problem can be really stressful. If left without being exterminated, these harmful creatures can cause major losses. They often make the residents uncomfortable, and some people even opt to vacate from their houses. However, that is not the  … Read more

5 Ways To Stop Mice This Winter

“Brrrrr! It’s cold. What’s a nice mouse like me gotta do to get a cozy place for some leftover chicken cutlet crumbs and a warm, insulated wall to sleep in? Oooooh. Here we go. These people left a loose seal. My cousin Louie could help me with the insulation. Crumbs for the whole winter. The  … Read more

Keep Your Building Pest Free This Fall

Pest Free This Fall

This fall, as the nature outside changes color and the temperature begins to dip, pests and rodents begin to look for shelter inside. Don’t let it be your office building! Many businesses rely on you to keep their work spaces sanitary and pest free. It’s especially important for businesses when clients are visiting. It’s hard  … Read more