Pest Free This Fall

This fall, as the nature outside changes color and the temperature begins to dip, pests and rodents begin to look for shelter inside. Don’t let it be your office building! Many businesses rely on you to keep their work spaces sanitary and pest free. It’s especially important for businesses when clients are visiting. It’s hard to make a good impression when a mouse or a row of ants presents itself at a meeting. If you’re a landlord or management company looking to make and keep your building pest free, in the Westchester area, call or email the experts at Glen Environmental for a free estimate. For over ten years, we’ve been helping businesses, office buildings and homes remain pest free.

Building violations, Pests, Odors and Fire Hazards are issues that Property Owners and Managers deal with daily. Dirty un-maintained trash chutes and compactors can be a costly problem. These conditions are avoidable at an affordable cost. We provide a certified technician and equipment.

Our 210 degree power washer degreases, disinfect and deodorizes all chute walls and doors. Chute cleaning provides a safer environment by removing chemicals tenants may dispose that are flammable. Removes food, grease and organisms that are a perfect breeding ground for pests and disease and eliminates odors.

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