Pest control problems are common in Westchester. It becomes quite stressful since the bugs and other pests endanger the general health of the family. There is a dire need to eliminate pests and insect infestation and keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. The intrusion of pests can in fact, bring down all the efforts that you have put into creating a healthy environment. Pesky mosquitoes, colossal ants swarming bees and wasps, create havoc and are very disturbing.


A Few tips to help Yonkers weed out pests:

          Observe Sanitation

  • Maintain spotlessly clean surroundings, indoors and outdoors
  • It is important to eliminate potential areas where irritating pests can feed, breed or hide.
  • Do not leave out the trash  in the open
  • Do not place trash bags on the floor
  • Do not leave dirty or wet laundry on the floor for a very long period of time
  • Instantly Clean up any spills or messes on the floor or tabletops as soon as they occur
  • Maintain the hygiene of your pets and get them checked by vet regularly 

    Employ Exclusion Techniques

  • Screen openings to put off the entry of irritating flies or mosquitoes and beetles
  • Get cracks and crevices filled, in order to remove existing or potential invading of pantry pests, or cockroaches
  • Seal or get fast repairing done of exterior openings to prevent entry of bats or mice or bees and wasps. 

    Keep Temperature Under Control

  • Control the temperature of substrates as they are badly infested by pests
  • Clothes moths and carpet beetles can be removed by subjecting infested clothes and carpets to extremely hot or cold temperatures



Remove pests using pesticides

One of the major steps for removal of existing pests is by using powerful pesticides, whether chemical or herbal. A powerful pest repellant works as a barrier to keep creepy mice and other crawly insects from invading. The repellent is applied to the multiple keys points, at the entry of your home including foundation, perimeter strip around the home, trash areas, crawl space and vents, etc.



Consult the Services of a Reputed Pest Control Company

Ensure you hire a professional company that has the right skills and the correct equipment to solve your pest problem effectively. Many a times, homeowners do not notice the warning signs until they have really multiplied and it is too late. The experienced technicians can effectively monitor the insect activity in order to remove them completely out of the surroundings.

It is imperative to choose resourceful and licensed pest control professionals to efficiently and quickly get rid of bed bugs, rodents and other small insects. The qualified technicians working in a reputed pest control company have years of experience. They provide accurate and cost-effective solutions to your persistent and highly annoying pest problem.