Restaurant NYC

The dangers and damage that pests can bring to a restaurant can be overwhelming. Food business owners and restaurant managers know the implications of having a pest-infested establishment. Not only it impacts the reputation of the business, but can also bring several legal hassles on the way. Luckily, there are ways of keeping your restaurant pest free, ensuring safety and wellbeing of all, and maintaining quality business standards.

Discussed here are some important tips to ensure that your restaurant remains pest free and safe.

1. Inspection

Thorough inspection is one of the most vital steps to ensure effective pest control. You can seek help of a professional pest control company to make sure that your restaurant premises are inspected in a meticulous manner. Only a pest control expert knows well what and where to look for when conducting pest inspection. Look into every crack, corner, and crevices in your foundation, and check with all vents, pipes, and openings that can be a source of infestation.

A certified pest control technician will perform inspection and monitoring of both the interior and exterior of the premises including the kitchen, restaurant entrances, benches, trash cans, utility rooms, bar and patio, loading stocks, janitorial areas, landscaped areas, elevators and stairs, and eaves.

2. Stop Entryways

Post-inspection, make sure that the restaurant building does not have any gaps, holes, or cracks that may be the entryway for various kinds of pests such as rodents, cockroaches, etc. Caulk all small holes and cracks within the walls. Apply high-quality weather-stripping to doors and windows that do not fit properly into their frames. Add sealed fittings around the pipes and vents that enter the restaurant premises from the outside. This is an important step to prevent pest infestation in your restaurant.         

3. Ensure Excellent Storage System       

When you store ingredients and groceries improperly, it not only affects the quality of food but also attracts pests. Make sure that all foods are covered properly and neatly stored in the freezer or the refrigerator. Foods that can be kept at room temperature should be organized well and stored safely in bins or storage racks.

Do not place things anywhere and everywhere. Implement a well-organized storage system where foods with a closer expiry date are accessible first. Rotten, expired foods are the first to be infested by the pests.

4. Keep the Kitchen Dry and Clean

Restaurant kitchen is most prone to pest infestation. The kitchen experiences frequent spills, food leftovers, and a lot of humidity that may attract pest of all kinds to hydrate and mate. To prevent this, make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated. Clean all spills and leftovers as soon as possible. Fix pipeline or faucet leaks at the earliest. Clean the garbage bins daily. Keep the kitchen and storage area as dry as possible for effective pest control.

5. Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Whether or not your restaurant is pest infested, it is vital to seek expert guidance of a professional pest control company. They will inspect your commercial property thoroughly, and suggest or perform all necessary preventive measures. For a pest infested restaurant, they ensure effective pest control, management, and removal without hampering your business in any way. They also ensure that pests do not come back again.

When your restaurant needs green treatment for pest control, follow the above tips and remain pest-free.