The worst thing about the pesky creature mouse is that they can pass through the tiniest of holes to get into your house. The rodents look for construction deficiencies for gaining entry. Some of the key signs to look for to confirm the presence of mice in the house are signs of chewing, grease marks, droppings and insulation damage. To fix the rodent problem you need to seal all the possible crevices of your house.

Here are the ways to keep mice at bay during the winter months-

Make use of Repellants: Though repellants are not the ideal solution for keeping the mice away from your house, still, they are used by many homeowners. The downside of using a repellant is that you ought to be more cautious as they are poisonous and hence can cause harm to any pets in the house. Moreover, the repellants can cause fetid odor. For instance, if you spray some in the crawl space or attic, it would lead to the death of mice resulting in a smelly decaying carcass if not noticed on time.

Glue Traps Prove to Be Useful: A good way of trapping mice is with the help of glue boards. Mice are curious and are easily caught. It is recommended to take professional help to deal with the problem of mice.

Salt for Attracting Mice: Mice can survive in anything including their own droppings. A speck of salt is good enough to attract their attention. Thus, the best way to keep the mice away from your home is by making sure all your food items are kept in a safe and secure place. Any food can attract mice from the snicker bars to cakes. They generally carry the food to their ‘nesting spot’ and if they are unable to do so, they consume the food right at the spot.

Backyard Bird Feeders are Effective Mouse Traps: As mice can feed on almost everything, they are attracted to the bird feeders. The food is definitely for the birds but the mice can eat it as well. As a result, the bird feeders prove to be one of the best ‘mouse traps’. They happen to attract more mice compared to birds. Keeping in mind the fact that mice can feed in almost anything, you must be careful about the food you serve your pets.

Steel Wool and Caulk are Useful for Trapping Mice: Once you handle the mice infestation within your house, you must make sure there are no openings for entry of more mice into your house. Mice can enter your house through openings as small as ‘dime’. Rodents have the ability to enlarge small holes by gnawing. A good way of preventing the entry of mice into your house is by using steel wool and caulk. You must ensure to replace the weather stripping and screen the chimney openings and vents for keeping rodents at bay.

These are the various effective ways you can make use of to ensure your house is protected from rodent infestation.