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5 Ways To Stop Mice This Winter

By dan,

“Brrrrr! It’s cold. What’s a nice mouse like me gotta do to get a cozy place for some leftover chicken cutlet crumbs and a warm, insulated wall to sleep in?

Oooooh. Here we go. These people left a loose seal. My cousin Louie could help me with the insulation. Crumbs for the whole winter. The whole family! If we can get in.”

This winter, if you want to keep out this mouse, his cousin Louie, and the rest of his family, follow these 5 tips:

1. Close the Doors

The easiest way into your home is through the door-right? Mice can quickly find and take advantage of any opportunity to sneak into your home below your radar. Make sure your entry doors and garage doors are not open if they don’t have to be. Enlist your children for the fight against Louie and his family by making sure they close all doors behind them before running off.

2. Seal Them Out!

If they aren’t shown the royal treatment at the door, they will find another way in. Sealing cracks, gaps, breaks, or holes in walls or around windows will further deter the efforts of your unwanted guests. Try caulk around openings smaller than a ¼ inch, and copper wire mesh can fill in openings larger than a dime. A professional may be needed to seal holes and openings larger than a golf ball.

3. Fill All Remaining Holes

Prevent another method of sneaking in by blocking off exhaust vents and chimneys with ¼ inch hardware cloth, which is too thick for the “Mouseketeers” to chew through.

4. Remove the Chicken Cutlets

Put food away after dinner and make sure the dishes are washed promptly, including your pet’s food bowls. Be sure to keep pantry food and pet food in sealed containers. If mice are able to get into your house, they’ll have fewer reasons to stay.

5. Peppermint Doesn’t Spread Cheer…Among Mice

Try mixing two teaspoons of peppermint oil with one cup of water into a spray bottle, and spray the resulting holiday potion on walls and floors.

If you need more help getting rid of Louie and his family, call or email the professionals at Glen Environmental.

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Discovering Bed Bugs In Your Home

By dan,

From the New Yorker: “Today, researchers from the American Museum of Natural History and Weill Cornell Medicine announced that they had assembled the complete genome of Cimex lectularius.” That is a certain species of bedbug.

Yes. Just the name alone sounds like something used to kill plants or ruin a good night’s sleep.

We admire scientists push for new discoveries. But we’re sure you’re in no rush to make the discovery that bed bugs have decided to explore your home and furniture. If that happens, though, know that Glen Environmental in Westchester is here to eradicate’s one of the world’s oldest insects with our scientific know-how and eco-friendly exterminating techniques.

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