Bed bugs pose a major threat to households throughout Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, most people do not care about bed bugs until they cause real havoc to the property and the people living there. They are hard to eradicate. Every time you return home, they are waiting for you and their next meal. Do not wait for bed bugs to become a trouble that you are unable to tackle. Take these 5 vital steps to keep bed bugs at bay.       

1. Cover All Entryways

Do not wait for bed bugs to infest your home and feast on you. Understand their nature of invasion and possible sources. Generally, bed bugs climb into the electrical outlet holes, and hide there until it is time to move elsewhere. In severe cases, they pass through the walls via power outlets, spreading the infestation to other areas.

To prevent this, cover all electrical outlets when not in use. One way to identify bed bug infestation is through their droppings, which appear like dark colored dots. Whether or not your property is pest infested, protect all entryways to prevent any sort of invasion.

2. Protect Yourself and Your Bed

To keep bed bugs at bay, adopt modern techniques and equipment to keep your property ad yourself safe. Since the bugs mostly invade the beds, you can encase the mattress with a zippered covered, which is impervious to bed bugs. Sleep in peace because no bug can breach this barrier. The covers are inexpensive, and do not change the look and feel of your mattress.

You can also invest in bed bug defender that lets you know when the pests try to crawl up the furniture. The interceptors work as traps when placed under upholstered furniture or the legs of your bed. These are free of pesticides and are very inexpensive. Regularly clean and heat-dry the bed sheets, bedspreads, blankets or any cloth that touches the floor. 

3. Travel Safely

Bed bugs do not just travel up the electrical outlets to invade your home. They also stick around when you visit a movie theater, dressing room of the department store, rental cars, hotel rooms or airplane cargo. Thus, traveling holds the biggest risk of bringing home a bed bug. Make sure you travel safely and wisely. Carry your clothes in pouched bags. In hotels, do not place your luggage on the floor ever. Check the curtains, draperies, seams and upholstered furniture carefully for pest infestation.     

When you come back, inspect all your belongings for signs of bugs. Look for rust-colored spots that are a sign of bed bugs.    

4. Clear the Clutter

A cluttered space is the ideal place for bed bugs to hide and reed. It also makes them difficult to locate and treat. Begin by eliminating clutters against the walls as these are good hiding spots for the pests. Properly store and organize your things so that they do not become a paradise for bed bugs.

5. Get Professional Bed bug Treatment

If you are already pest infested, do not handle the problem alone. Eradicating bed bugs can be a complex process, and need professional treatment. They have the knowledge and experience to exterminate bed bugs effectively, safely and permanently from your home or business.

Keep your property bed bug free by thinking like them, traveling safely and hiring an expert bed bug management company.