Make your Westchester Pest-free again with Glen Environmental

“Home is where the heart is.”

It is the most beautiful and coziest place on earth. However, imagine having pests and rodents inside and outside the house! The thought is terrifying but true.

Pest, rodent, cockroach, ant, and termite infestation is common in every household. Glen Environmental can help you restore your home and keep it pest-free.

Glen Environmental Pest Control in Westchester County

We take the best interest of delivering pest-free homes and bringing back your peace of mind. Our experts put in efforts and latest technology to make your home a comfortable dwelling place. We provide professional pest control services in Westchester County. Whether it is pest control, termite control, bed bug control, rodent control, or pest extermination, we specialize in all the areas.

Call us if you are already facing pest infestation. If not, you should look for ways to prevent pests from entering your homes in the future. We would be happy to help!

Ways to Keep Pests Away

Let us agree, nobody likes to have pests in their homes. Getting rid of all kinds of a pest problem is the top priority. Our talented team of trained experts can handle pest infestation of different sizes and severity. Glen Environmental is prepared to deal with all sorts of pests like ants, rodents, water bugs, flea ticks, flies, spiders, cockroaches, bees, wasps, stinkbugs, etc.

We follow a straightforward, customized, and effective approach to control pests in Westchester County. Our aim is to deliver hassle-free services. We take the following steps:

  • A thorough inspection of the house, both inside and outside, to analyze your pest control requirements.
  • A proper investigation by our experts to identify potential signs of pest activity and entry points through which pests make their way into your home.
  • Design a customized treatment plan to eliminate every single pest from the house.
  • Implement the plan.
  • Seasonal visit and follow-up to prevent future infection.
  • Structural damage repair and preventative treatments for a year.

Our trained pest control experts at Glen Environmental offer the best customer service. Ask any question, we would give you optimum solutions for your home. Regardless of the nature of infestation and damage, we strive to work until your home is free from all pests. We put things back in place and give you the home you always possessed.

Our Services

Indomitable Rodent Extermination and Control

Rodents may be tiny or large, moving around the house, and spreading germs. Mice or rats make it impossible to feel at home until you can get rid of them. With our years of experience in rodent extermination and control in Westchester County, we know how to get them out of your house and surroundings.

We follow an incredibly effective rodent control strategy. Our expert would visit your home, inspect and investigate the interiors and exteriors thoroughly, and design a treatment plan. Based on the findings and design, they would create a personalized removal plan using the necessary mechanical and bait trips. It is not just about removing one rat or mice; it is highly likely that the entire family is living with you. Only a professional plan of action can eliminate rodents.

Glen Environmental rodent control methods are tough on rodents. However, we ensure that our measures do not harm pets or families. Once complete elimination is done, we would make your home rodent-proof and ensure they do not come back.

Call us for a free rodent control quote today.

Unbeatable Termite Control

Make termites a history for your home with our effective and safe termite control methods.

Termites can tunnel through your homes to cause massive damage. We take control of infestation even before they can cause extensive damage to your property. We aim to preserve your home and protect it for future too.

Our expert termite control visits your home and investigates carefully. They check every possible space for signs of infestation. They document the findings based on which a custom plan would be prepared to eliminate the termite colony. Following the treatment, we also ensure preventative measures throughout 1 year to make sure termites infestation does not recur.

We can assure you that no other company can give you such dedicated service in termite control. Our aggressive treatment measures are quick, effective, and safe. We also use bait stations to bait termites rather than waiting for them. In this way,we can certainly say that our termiticides would reach the center of the termite colony and stop it from causing further damage.

Our goal is to stop termites even before they enter your homes. For that, you must opt for early investigation. Call for a free termite control quote.

Potent Bed Bug Treatment

You cannot sight bed bugs with your naked eyes. However, they are capable of taking over your bed and home. It is crucial to take necessary measures to eliminate them. We use cutting-edge technology to clear your homes of bed bugs within a short span of time.

At Westchester County, we adapt bed bug control measures in various forms. Depending on the nature of infestation, we can use HEPA vacuuming technique to clean your mattress and box spring along with other difficult places. This process removes up to 99.7% of bed bugs.

We also use steam vapor system to reach into the box spring and mattress, as well as other areas that are difficult to reach. Similarly, spray treatments are effective to treat bed bugs lying in the crevice and cracks of the bed.

Lastly, we use mattress encapsulation technique for the best result. We can install an effective protective barrier around the mattress and the box spring to keep pests out of the bed, at no extra charge.

All our chemical treatment is effective in controlling bed bugs and eradicates infestation for the long haul.

Seek Professional Help for Pest Control in Westchester County

We urge you not to tolerate pests. They are not just harmful to your property and unsightly, but equally threatening for your health. Glen Environmental offers superior quality pest control services in Westchester County. We have successfully delivered exceptional results in this area, which makes us a trusted name.

We offer exceptional customer service and care. We assure complete satisfaction guarantee to our clients. If you are suffering from pest problems and issues, call us for our services. Let us know your problem; we would be happy to provide a free consultation. We would do all it takes to make your home pest and threat free.

Call us for an emergency service or investigation. We are available with our team of pest control experts in Westchester County.