Do not allow pests take over your homes.

Ants, cockroaches, millipedes, rodents, earwigs, centipedes, stinging pests, and many more intruders enter homes to cause havoc. Household pests are much worse than a nuisance. They are a threat to property and health. Glen Environmental pest control provides protection to your homes. Allow us to solve your termite, bed bug, ant, rodent, bee, cockroach, stinkbug, and carpenter ant infestation. We specialize in exterminating service for all your problems.

Summer Pest Control Services

As the weather becomes warmer, creepy crawlies like ants, millipede, spiders, centipedes, stink bugs, mites, silverfish and similar pests start invading your homes. Our technicians focus on the outer perimeter of homes to prevent pests from nesting inside.

Depending on the first assessment, we use time-released granule formulation and liquid repellant to treat the exterior of your house. It provides an invisible barrier to ward off unwanted pests. We treat the entry points like the garbage storage, windows, and doorways with the formula. The same formula is applied to the foundation and soil beneath the siding to prevent potential annoying pests from invading. We emphasize on pest control and extermination measures outside your home, which keeps the interiors pest free.

Summer pest control begins from the month of April and ends in October. However, if summer arrives early, our services would be available.

Quarterly Pest Control Services

We recommend quarterly services to homeowners having issues with termites or carpenter ants. It takes more than one service to eradicate them from your homes.

Termites and carpenter ants cause potential damage to the wooden structure of a property. However, unlike termites that eat wood, carpenter ants drill a tunnel within the wood to make way for the queen to lay her eggs safely. A typical sign of carpenter ant infestation is frass or sawdust gathering in a specific location. It is a serious threat. Call our office immediately for a free telephonic consultation.

In the first stage, we use the residual spray to eliminate carpenter ants from the exterior and interiors of your home. Next, we apply insecticidal granules to the soil around the outside perimeter, which lasts for 3 to 4 months. These granules activate when wet. There is no risk of rain hampering pest control; rather, it contributes to the process. We strongly recommend a follow-up within 35 to 40 days of initial treatment to expedite the process.

Your data is stored with us and we would give you reminder quarterly to schedule the next service. We don’t have any contracts. However, we recommend additional services for the best result.

When you opt for the regular quarterly pest control services, we give you the best quarterly rate. We would be happy to give you some specialized services along with regular quarterly services at no extra cost. We are confident that our value-added services would keep your homes free from rodents and pests even during winters.

Monthly Pest Control Service

The monthly service is designed for commercial purposes – hospitals, schools, restaurants, warehouses and apartment buildings. At any commercial facility, pests like ants, flies, water bugs, bed bugs, rodents, and cockroaches are common sights.

With our monthly pest control service, you can keep your commercial facility free from this tiny crawlies. Frequent treatment and extermination ensure the interiors and exteriors are pest-free.

Emergency Pest Control Services

This is a specialized service for unexpected pests visiting your home. It may be rodents, bed bugs, fleas, flies, termites, or cockroaches. If you sight them, exterminate them. The occasional creepy crawlies like a centipede, millipedes, crickets, and silverfish are potentially threatening too. Glen Environmental technicians are professionally qualified and licensed to evict these uninvited visitors from your home. We ensure that they don’t return.

If there is an emergency at home, don’t hesitate to call us. We provide free consultation over phone and estimate.

Points of Service

Our service combines advanced technology and latest methods. We develop customized plans to eradicate pests from your homes and keep them out. Our action plan is as follows:

  • Investigate: We inspect homes, both interiors, and exteriors, for current and potential pest threats.
  • Protection: We treat the entire perimeter of the structure with appropriate materials and remove wasp nests and spider webs. We use the safest methods to clean up your homes.
  • Reinforce: We take necessary measures to keep insects and pests out – seal leaks and cracks, plug wires, and secure cracks and gaps.
  • Monitor: We treat the interior of households and install sophisticated pest monitors in the critical areas like baths, kitchens, garages, garbage area, and utility rooms.
  • Report: We provide a detailed report of our services and recommendations to make sure your home is pest free.
  • Follow up: We recommend follow-up treatment between regularly scheduled visits for an emergency. We respond to the immediate needs of our clients.

For any of our services, please give us a call. We would be happy to offer a free consultation and understand your requirement.

What to Expect from Glen Environmental
We take pest control very seriously. We deploy the latest scientific methods and technologies to test innovative products and procedures. Our aim is to deliver an effective plan tailored to specific needs of your homes. As each home is unique, we apply our scientific approach depending on your home to identify the root cause of pests.

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