How To Deal With Mice In Your Restaurant?

If you are a restaurant owner or you work there then you would know that pest infestation has always been your biggest nightmare. The government or the customers do not take nicely those restaurants which have mice or rats as their daily visitors. They are destructive and are the root cause of so many problems  … Read more

Learn Where Rodents Hide In Winter

Rodents Winter

Maybe you are thinking that surviving the winter in the Bronx would be hard for the rats and rodents. First of all, they are not fat animals that they would be able to live the entire winter just depending on their body warmth and fat burning to provide them with energy. However, rats have very  … Read more

An Exterminator Keeping The Bronx Bed Bug Free

NYC Subway

Bed bugs have now become everyday problem in most of the households. They are not similar to that of other insects and are most active during the night. Do not forget if your house has pests, you need to think calmly before doing anything. Many houses in the Bronx due to soggy and wet weather  … Read more

How To Identify Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs could be a real pain when you encounter them. They are nasty and uncomfortable creatures and give you sleepless nights. To untrained eyes trying to find bed bugs could be a daunting task. The marks or bites on your hand could be confused for something else or with other insect bites. However, there  … Read more

5 Ways to Keep Mice out This Winter


The worst thing about the pesky creature mouse is that they can pass through the tiniest of holes to get into your house. The rodents look for construction deficiencies for gaining entry. Some of the key signs to look for to confirm the presence of mice in the house are signs of chewing, grease marks,  … Read more

5 Signs You Don’t Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

One of the nasty and vexing creatures are the bed bugs. To the ‘untrained eye’, the bites of the bed bugs could be confused with that of the other insects. From itchy red welts to black spots, rust spits and musty odor; are some of the most common signs that tell the presence of ‘bed  … Read more

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Trees Sprayed For Pests

Protecting Trees From Pests

Insects love sweet fruits and the warmer temperatures of spring cause diseases and pest infestation. It is a good idea to plan well ahead to save your trees from the attack of pests. The ideal time to schedule and plan for treating the problems of your landscape is late winter. It is best to identify  … Read more

Keep Your Family Safe from Raccoons This Winter


Raccoons can be pesky creatures creating a mess in the house and damaging property. Hence, you must take various measures to keep them away from your property for protecting it. You could keep these vexing creatures at bay by removing the potential ‘food sources’ and sealing off ‘small access’ points they could use as shelters.  … Read more

Mount Vernon: 5 Ways to Keep Bed Bugs Out

Bed bugs pose a major threat to households throughout Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, most people do not care about bed bugs until they cause real havoc to the property and the people living there. They are hard to eradicate. Every time you return home, they are waiting for you and their next meal. Do not wait  … Read more

Facility Managers: Keep Your Building Pest Free With a Pro

Pest infestation in a business environment may not only pose serious health issues, but can also affect employee morale – not to mention the damage it can cause to your valuable property and brand reputation. By the time you notice a cockroach, a rodent, or termites infesting your home, it may be too late. Even  … Read more