Protecting Trees From Pests

Insects love sweet fruits and the warmer temperatures of spring cause diseases and pest infestation. It is a good idea to plan well ahead to save your trees from the attack of pests. The ideal time to schedule and plan for treating the problems of your landscape is late winter. It is best to identify the problem of pests early to provide the right treatment on time.

Schedule for the Treatment of Shrubs and Essential Trees

  • Mid of March through the Mid of April: The best time to begin spraying your trees is during this time. The spray would smother the overwintering pests along with their eggs. This would save your spruce trees, rhododendrons, hollies, azaleas, and pine trees.
  • March through the Whole of May: The flowers appear to bloom and shrubs sprout during this time. Hence, the best time for fertilization is early spring or late winter.
  • April to June: The best time to apply fungicide for controlling diseases such as anthracnose mildew, apple scab, rust, or fungal diseases is April to June. The weather decides the best time for spraying the fungicide, which requires about 2 to 3 treatments. The shrubs and trees that benefit most from the fungicide application are lilacs, hawthorns, magnolias crab apples, dogwoods etc.
  • June: The best time to spray fungicides to control the growth of wasps and hornets is June. The best time to attack the wasp nests is at night when they are least active. At a temperature below that of 50° F, the wasps cannot fly. The best time to kill the honey bee nests is the month of June. Honey bees become a nuisance during spring when they attack bird feeders and swimming pools for water. Thus, they should be destroyed during this time.
  • April through the whole of July: This is the best time for the beetle treatment, which is a big concern for the ash trees. If there is ash on the property, you must take all measures to remove or treat it.
  • Late May all through of July: The best time for applying fungicides for controlling the damaging effects of leaf miners, viburnum leaf beetles, and lace bugs is from May to July.
  • May to the whole of September: This the best time for killing pests such as summer mites, aphid, and Japanese beetle.
  • August: August is the month for treating the oak and the elm trees for diseases such as Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease.
  • September to November: The shrubs and trees, which were not fertilized in the spring season, could benefit from the application of fertilizer in fall for ensuring vitality.

Why You Must Plan Ahead?

You must apply the fungicides, insecticides as well as the various other treatments in an integrated thoughtful way for protecting your landscape from the harmful effects of the pests. The pest control services providers offer a tailor-made plan that is specific to the various plants, which grow on the property. All this takes a lot of time including the in-depth inspection of the property.

It is recommended to hire the services of Pest Control professionals who have adequate knowledge and expertise to design insect control programs to keep the vexing pests away from your orchard and landscape.