Bed bugs are some of the most commonly available pests in your environment. They are usually microscopic, making it very hard for you to detect them. If you just took a quick nap on your sofa/bed and woke up feeling all itchy, you might have a bedbug infestation. Do not worry, our team at Glen Environmental can effectively get rid of all bed bugs for you.

Do I Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

Here are two different ways in which you can detect a bed bug infestation.

Itchy Feeling After You Wake Up:

If you are feeling itchy after sitting on the couch or bed for a while, you might have a flea, tick or bed bug infestation.

Your Pets Keep Scratching Themselves:

Some bed bugs might affect your pets too. If you see your pet scratching its skin off, it is infected with the bed bug or a flea/tick. You need to take it to a veterinarian and get your house cleaned too.

What Next?

Once you have detected the bed bug infestation, it is time to call for our services. Our pest control experts will show up at your doorstep as soon as possible. They will also carry all the necessary equipment to remove the bed bugs from your home.

Why Glen Environmental?

You should hire us for removal of bed bugs because we follow a systematic procedure for the pest control process. Here are the 4 stages of our pest removal process.

Use of Vacuum to Remove Bed Bugs:

We use state of the art HEPA vacuum systems to get rid of the bed bugs. Our powerful vacuum can easily suck out bed bugs from the depth of the cushions.

Use of Biodegradable Pesticides to Kill Bed Bugs:

We use nature-friendly pesticides to kill the remaining bed bugs. These pesticides work effectively and do not leave a trace on the affected areas after the process.

Use of Steam Vapor System to Finalize the Removal:

The use of steam vapor devices acts as a final stage of removing the remaining bed bugs.

Post-Treatment Analysis and Encapsulation:

We encapsulate the entire sofa set (or) bed so that the pesticide can effectively kill all the bed bugs. We advise our clients not to use the bed or sofa for a while during the curation process.

More Reasons to Hire Us

Looking for more reasons to hire us? Here are 5 solid reasons why you should consider us for the pest removal services.

Treatment for All Kinds of Places:

We can effectively remove bed bugs from bed frames, bed mattress, cushions, sofa sets, box springs, etc.

End to End Service Model:

Our end to end service model consists of removal as well as control of infestation. You do not have to lift a finger in order to deal with pests. From beginning to the end, we complete the entire process as a tightly cohesive and efficient team.

Counsel on Handling the Infested Areas Effectively:

Our team of friendly pest control experts will also provide counsel on how to prevent a bed bug infestation in the near future. They will help you with ways to avoid such an infestation as well as equip you with ways to tackle the preliminary stages of infestation all by yourself. This way, you do not need to call for help again and again.

Use of Biodegradable Pesticides:

Unlike other pest removal service providers, we use biodegradable pesticide products. These products are harmless and exit your environment quickly. They do not pose any health-related side effects due to their biodegradable nature.

Experts at Controlling the Scope of Infestation:

Bed bug infestation can quickly spread from one carpet to the whole building within a few weeks. We have a massive amount of experience in handling such an expedited infestation by providing timely pest removal services. Our team works quickly to remove the bed bugs from the entire apartment/floor or building so that it does not spread any further.

With the pest removal services offered by Glen Environmental, you can enjoy peace of mind in your home/office once again. We can help you get rid of all kinds of pests including rats, flies, ants, fleas, ticks, etc. So, if you are facing pest problems, give us a call. We will be at your doorstep to help you right away!