Unlike flies, the bees can cause severe physical damage and pain. Flies are generally harmless in a direct conflict. However, the bees, wasps, and hornets can sting you badly. If you have a bee, wasp or hornet infestation in your office/home, you need to avail the services of Glen Environmental right away!

Identifying the Right type of Pest

With millions of pests in our environment today, it is very important for us to identify the pest first. Without identification, we cannot take the right measures to prevent the infestation from spreading. We have dealt with thousands of different types of pests over the years. Therefore, we can identify the pests as well the necessary treatment measures quickly.

After identification, we use the necessary means to either eliminate or dispose of the pests to a safe location.

New Generation Pests Are More Dangerous

The new generation of pests has acquired abilities that the previous generations did not have. After years of evolution, these pests have grown immune to most chemical pesticides on the market today. Only certain strong pesticides work on a small set of pests. For effective measures, you might have to use a different type of pesticide every time you encounter a different pest.

At Glen Environmental, we use the latest biodegradable pesticides that can get rid of the most resilient pests within a few moments. Despite its efficiency, they do not cause any harm to the human health. Instead, they leave the environment without a trace.

The More Serious Cases of Pest Removal

In certain cases, the pest removal services have an extremely small time constraint. For example, if you face an allergy of bees, you need to avail our services immediately on detecting the first bee in your home. Our excellent pest removal team will be at your doorstep to get rid of the pests.

How Do We Remove Pests?

Our pest removal procedure usually depends on the type of pest that we are dealing with. In case of bees, hornets, and wasps, we take special precautions while handling the colony.

  • 1. We suck all the pests into a vacuum chamber.
  • 2. After getting rid of the pests, we carefully cut down the colony into small pieces to carry it away.
  • 3. We use special containers to make sure that no bee leaves unattended.
  • 4. Upon collection of the pests and their colony, we dispose them at a safe distance away from your location.

This wholesome process can be conducted within a few hours, depending on the size of the colony. So, if you are looking for fast and effective pest removal services, get in touch with our pest removal experts at Glen Environmental today!