Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are unsightly. With more than 12,000 species of ants existing in the world, it may be difficult to identify carpenter ants. However, it is the most difficult species to control. Households are vulnerable as carpenter ants creep in through cracks and leave its chemical trail for the colony to follow.

How do they enter our homes?

Carpenter ants nest in the corners of a house, under the floor and even in the cracks of the walls. These pests usually build its nest in swampy, damp, or decayed wood. Moisture is their breeding ground. They use branches of trees hanging over roofs to access homes and enter. Unsealed openings of wires or utility pipes are the main entry points.

How serious can they be?

When they invade a house to build a nest, they dig out wood to make tunnels. It weakens the structure from inside. Long-term infestation and multiple colonies in homes often lead to serious structural damage followed by hideous cosmetic damage.

How can I identify carpenter ants infestation?

Besides physical features, the best ways to identify signs of infestation are as follows:

  • Look for ants searching for food
  • Winged ants producing swarmers, which indicates a new colony formation
  • Unsightly debris in the corners of the house, which they produce by tunneling in wood
  • Rustling sound indicating their activity

How can Glen Environmental Help?

To control carpenter ant infestation, the first step is to detect the nest. Once the nest is found, it can be treated chemically and removed. We follow a series of steps to give you quick and long-term results:

  • Carpenter Ant Inspection:

    Homeowners must understand that DIY remedies cannot eliminate carpenter ants. If the infestation is spotted, you have to protect your house. Glen Environmental specialists perform an inspection to assess the condition of your home. We check for softwood and moisture in spots like chimneys, windows, doorframes, and sinks. These places are vulnerable to carpenter ant infestation. Furthermore, our experts pinpoint the entry points, which eventually lead to the colony’s nest. Call us to know more.

  • Documentation and Implementation:

    Once our experts finish assessing your home, they document the findings. We work with you to prepare a plan for addressing this live issue. We would treat infestation areas and provide necessary precautionary recommendations. In addition, we work on related factors like moisture and dampness of the home, which attracts more ants.

  • Maintenance:

    Glen Environmental promises to monitor and maintain your home for a year from the date of service. We assure you ant free home.

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What is Glen Environmental area of expertise?

We follow the science of carpenter ant control – we know where exactly they nest.

Carpenter ants are a great risk to property. Despite their small structure, they are great threats. We develop treatment plans to penetrate and eliminate unseen nests and infestation. We follow a steady process to prevent carpenter ants. It is not a one-time job. Our technicians deliver unique scientific solutions to protect your homes.

Backed with advanced technology and sophisticated training, Glen Environmental specialists are here to clear your homes of carpenter ants. We tackle current infestations and destroy nests to prevent future infiltration.

Because of our research, technology, science, and training, these tiny menaces don’t stand a chance to win over your home.

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