Fleas & Ticks

You should not take the miniature size of fleas and ticks lightly. Instead, you should tread very carefully around them. If you are facing the risk of a flea or a tick invasion in your home, give us a call at Glen Environmental, right away! Our team of professional pest removal agents will be at your doorstep within a couple of hours.

The Harmful Effects of a Flea and Tick Invasion

Fleas and ticks usually feed on the blood of your pets. They can also infect your skull and skin if you do not maintain a personal hygiene. The miniature size of these pests makes it very hard for you to notice them. These pests can easily hide in the fur of your pet and suck blood continuously causing extreme levels of irritation and itching. If these pests are left unattended, your pet can scratch off the complete fur and part of its skin in an attempt to get rid of the pest.

Apart from this, these pests also carry harmful microbial diseases like bacteria and fungi. A flea invasion can damage your immune system if you do not pay timely attention to it. Some of the deadliest diseases caused by these pests include tapeworm, Lyme disease, tick fever, Bartonellosis, etc.

So, what do you do after detecting a pest invasion?

Step 1: You call us.

As soon as you detect the flea and tick invasion, you call us. Our team at Glen Environmental will be at your doorstep as quickly as possible. The team is equipped with the right clothing as well as equipment to treat your house for pest infection.

Step 2: Clean your household surroundings.

Once our team shows up, it will help you to clean your household surroundings. It will help you place the kitchenware, decorative articles as well as furniture at the correct locations for pest removal. It is a good idea to remove your floor carpet as well as curtains to give your house a full-fledged and necessary treatment. After placing all your furniture out of the harm’s way, you can leave the rest of the task up to the team.

Step 3: Visit a doctor and a veterinarian.

Our team will take care of pest removal for your house. Glen Environmental uses nature-friendly sprays and pest removal detergents to clean your house thoroughly. In the meanwhile, you can go to the doctor and, take your pet to the veterinarian for a complete checkup and tick removal.

The professionals from our team will also advise you on ways to maintain a hygienic environment so that such infections do not harm your house again. Once the treatment finishes its course, you can safely move back into your pest-free house.