They are not only a nuissance, they transmit diseases and can cause an allergic reaction in many people.

The adult fly does not have a mandible, but mouthparts for sucking, piercing and sucking. Some larvae are legless and dirty white in color, many are called “maggots”. There are over 100,000 species of flies in the world.

Are you tired of pests in your home? Do, you want an expert to come and remove all the pests in the most effective manner? If so, you are at the right place! Glen Environmental is the home to America’s finest pest-removal team. With high-tech gadgets and trained professionals, we can remove all types of pests from your home quickly and effectively.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our services.

What kind of pests do you deal with?

At Glen Environmental, we deal with all types of annoying pests. Some of these include ants, flies, bed-bugs, bees, wasps, hornets, etc.

How does your service differ from the services of a local pest removal service provider?

Unlike your local pest removal service provider, our team is equipped with all types of high-tech gadgets for the job. The team functions as a tight and cohesive unit to come up with novel solutions for pest removal. Our professional services include checking and rechecking the house for any signs of pests before and after pest removal. The team is extra careful in assessing the type of pests for efficient pest removal services.

What kind of flies am I dealing with?

The most commonly available types of flies include fungus gnats, blow flies, cluster flies, drain flies, fruit flies, etc.

How do these flies harm me?

Flies are generally harmless by direct means. Unlike mosquitoes, these flies do not bite you. However, they can cause extreme irritation and nuisance. Apart from this, flies are the carriers of the deadliest diseases known to humans. You should never expose your food or water to flies. These flies can easily infect large chunks of food within minutes with their droppings.

How should I get rid of these flies?

Getting rid of the flies is simple and a two-step procedure. First, you call us for help with the existing flies in your house. Our team will come and remove all the existing flies from your place. The team will also inspect your house thoroughly to clean the surroundings of any eggs left by the flies.

The second step involves creating a hygienic environment for yourself. Professionals from our team will guide you on ways to create a healthy environment for your home so that no flies breed in its vicinity. They will also equip you with the necessary cleaning and pest removal materials so that you can clean your house regularly, all by yourself.

At Glen Environmental, we use safe and environment-friendly products to get rid of the pests for you. Our products pose no threat to human health or lifestyle. The biodegradable nature of our products allows them to exit your home’s atmosphere quickly without leaving a trace.